The Future Is Space

You know it!  We know it!  Frankly, even the kids know it!

By joining together in concert our voice can and will be heard.  We will command the opportunity Space affords and make it so each of us receives benefit from this new exploration.  The naysayers, will of course, say it can't be done, and for them this will most definitely be true.  


This is a "Race to Space"

Some would say it is too early, but the news and media decry another fact. We need only stay abreast of what is daily in the press. The billionaires are definitely reaching for space now.  This is the time to make our voice heard so that we and our posterity receive the benefit of the vast wealth in Space.  This is our right and our destiny.


3 Initiatives


The Three Major Reasons why You and

ASTRcoin™ will become "The New Bitcoin of Space".




As you are aware all Cryptocurrency is speculative by its very nature.  The markets respond to the slightest news and react quickly and efficiently.  


Many people are in the "crypto" world to speculate as to which new "coins" will achieve spectacular results.  


As such, coins with many people participating have good results as people buy and sell the next "hottest" commodity.  


We believe the ASTRcoin™ is positioned to be the potential "Space Currency".




Within the BlockClaim™ system lies the "key" to winning the "Race to Space". 


Each BlockClaim™ provides the resources to create Space Law for us all and a significant 

royalty stream for all adopters 

of the program.  


It's a numbers game, as all business is. 100,000,000 BlockClaims™ provide a US $1 Billion Dollar "kitty" to ensure our voice is heard and recorded. 


Space is ours. We can have dominion and untold prosperity if we unite together to make it happen. This is truly up to us, you, me, our family and friends. As we create a bond we will become a voice that will be heard.


Using blockchain technology, creating a BlockClaim™, will insure us our immutable record. We have this opportunity because of the Outer Space Treaty, signed in 1967, giving each one of us the right to claim, but as in all claims we must unite together to become a significant voice. Oh! And let’s all make some money on the way!

Join the adventure!




As BlockClaims™ happen a significant amount of capital will be gathered.  This will become an investment pool to partake in companies and technology that will enhance Space Exploration with a specific definition to mining in Space.  

As Space becomes mainstream in the ensuring years our investments have a proportional growth 

potential   This will ensure a steady and consistent ROI for the company and enhance the value of the Cryptocurrency, both as a value retention and operable currency.  

The Future of Markets

All of us know, as the Cryptocurrency Market expands, reality will settle in.  Speculation leads the way in most innovative adventures, this of course is very, very true in the "Crypto" space.  As such, when we value an opportunity, "hype" plays into it for the speculator, and there is money to be made.  Factors such as sustainability, market potential and growth, market size, public awareness and timing govern the eventual growth of a company.  Of course, nobody really gets all of these perfect but get a couple right and have the support of "large networks" and literally the "sky" is the limit, or in this case "space" is the limit.  

Risk is measured in a couple of ways; a simple guide would

be to consider your ability to divest yourself of funds in your control and the immediate and long term return you may receive.  Space, and the actual mining thereof, is "not" the issue at hand, but rather the establishment of the claim, or to be more accurate "your" claim. A BlockClaim™ will use the newest of universal technologies called a blockchain to create an immutable record of your claim. 

Speculation will drive the pricing model for the present and in the next couple of years, but then reality strikes home and performance and development take precedent.  The "claiming" right to space is a nascent industry, to be sure, but it is, and will remain, the largest adventure to ever challenge humankind.  

The confluence of a significant decentralised ledger, called the "blockchain" with the meteoric growth of the Cryptocurrency markets beckons us all to take notice.  This is where a "little" could return a "lot". 

Become part of this extraordinary adventure and bring your friends and the family along for the ride. Quite possibly, just maybe, we can win this one for you, for us, and for others.  It is happening right now and we can partake.

Come join us ... "The Stars Are Ours!"

Wealth Generation

Technology doesn't make the world-go-round, people do. People like you. 

Wealth is generated in markets worldwide and history tells us that big ideas often beget big rewards.  While no one can really say which may or may not be the winners, one thing is for sure,  if you're not part of the journey you'll never know.  The challenge remains for us to just begin. 


Our Development Map identifies the areas

we will focus on BlockClaim™ proprietary systems, to AstroScouts™ for the kids, and eventually the ABE™ Asteroid BlockClaim™ Exchange.  The future is ours and we've got a plan.

Friends & Family

Space is ours, this is certain but the sharing of space is something we all need to be involved with. Call us crazy, but we can, and must, ensure that space becomes and remains our domain.  We each can make our claim to space.  


For a simple comparison, the internet is owned by no-one and everyone.  But in a few short years it has changed your life, and everything from commerce to politics.