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Asteroid Ltd. is a growing business with full, and part-time people around the world.

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Technical | BlockChain Developer 

Asteroid is continuously looking for talented individuals to join our startup.  Were expanding rapidly expanding in the exciting Cryptocurrency | blockchain space. 

Positions hiring for:
Development Categories:
Blockchain developers (solidity/haskell, java, javascript)

Full-Stack Software Engineers (Node.js, PostgreSQL, Full Stack Development, React.js, Solidity)

Front-end Web Developers

Blockchain Designers / Architects


Operations Intern 

Understanding of the virtual currency, how it is stored, transferred, etc., is highly desirable.

Basic knowledge of the digital asset market, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Some trading experience desired.


Blockchain Architect _ BlockClaim™ Developer

In this exciting role you will be an integral part of the Asteroid Cyber and Biometrics Blockchain Security Assurance A-Team focusing on the provision of the required infrastructure & integration to enable our clients to implement the BlockClaim™ technology.

This role will focus on the analysis of the needs and solutioning the underlying node, application and API infrastructure across the business network.

The role will involve solutioning ‘first projects’ as well as the longer-term business network exchanges - Development of business design capacity - Enabling clients to benefit from BlockClaim™ via the Asteroid Society network. 

Responsibilities within this role include:

Working with our software, research labs and our technology delivery service, software as a service organizations to design, assemble & deliver the required infrastructure.

ATO, FedRAMP, Common Criteria and Security Accreditation Efforts

Maintaining and providing guidance to others on using the blockchain architecture for business benefit.

Business need analysis to design, assemble & deliver the required infrastructure; as well as providing infrastructure expertise to solution, from concept and design, to testing.

Working with the A-Team on design thinking efforts regarding implementation and solution 

- Designing applications infrastructure for business systems first projects (Proof of Concepts) - Built using Blockchain technology - Provide hardware & integration requirements / specifications

Support infrastructure & integration testing activities as required.


Social Media and Website Coordinator 


Maintain and develop the family of Asteroid's websites.


Strengthen and develop social media presence with an emphasis on identifying deficiencies and attainable improvements.

- Create event venues to produce engaging multi-media coverage of activity, and report on these events to keep website and social media sites current, fresh, and consistent with each venue’s unique identity.

Evening and weekend work is required, but flexible.

- Assist in designing a holistic approach to the Asteroid BlockClaim™ to the greater community.

- Infuse creativity into the Asteroid's marketing strategy through your unique areas of interest and expertise. Develop personal projects which have a meaningful relationship social media presence.

- Reliability, punctuality, and good communication are required for this position.
- Thorough understanding of Mac and PC computers is a must.
- All majors are welcome to apply, but a focus in applicable field is desired.
- A proven history in self-directed work is required for this position.